The Technology Consulting & Sales Fundamentals program is a 6-week introduction to workforce readiness skills and technology salesforce skills.

  • The workforce readiness portion of the training builds upon professional expectations and competencies, interpersonal expectations and skills, business communications skills, digital technology skills, employment and professional development considerations.
  • Technology business administration content covers the fundamentals of cleaning and importing account data, data security, creating users and managing access, creating email templates for new marketing needs, configuring UI tools for new product types, creating reports and dashboards, and managing and applying Chatter tools. Participants will participate in peer learning opportunities and will receive mentorship support throughout their training experience.

Successful students will be taught foundational principles needed for the Salesforce Administrator Certification, with a potential full-time job placement at upon completion.

To enroll in this course you must pass an aptitude and eligibility screening process.   Follow the steps below to begin that process.

Enroll in iLearn

  1. Go to & create an account
  2. Log in and go to the Continuing Education section to find TCSF 100 : Technology Consulting and Sales Fundamentals.
  3. Click on the course and use the enrollment key to gain access.