Welcome to LIFT 151. This is the first of three courses focusing on the requirements of the Z98 Standard Z98-19 Passenger Ropeways and Passenger Conveyors. The three courses (Lift 151, Lift 152 and Lift 153) taken progressively, study the  content and application of regulations found in "Z98-19 Passenger Ropeways & Passenger Conveyors".  Lift 151 is meant for Operations and Maintenance persons engaged in the construction, maintenance and operation of Surface Lifts (rope tows, wire rope handle tows, tube tows, Platter Lifts, T Bars) and Passenger Conveyors.

Representatives from the Canada West Ski Areas Association, Technical Safety BC, Alberta Elevating Devices and Amusement Rides Safety Association , Alberta Safety Codes Council and Selkirk College have  prepared this material with the expectation that persons taking this course will have some experience with, and a basic knowledge and understanding of, the equipment discussed in the course and of the regulations currently in place that help ensure passenger and worker safety. 

Course content is specific to Z98-19 requirements only and does not address licensing and safety requirements of safety authorities in Provincial jurisdictions.