This is the third of 3 Courses (Lift 151, Lift 152 and Lift 153) developed to give maintenance and operational staff working in the ski industry a close up look at, and a comprehensive understanding of, regulations contained in Z98-19 governing Passenger Ropeways & Passenger Conveyors.

Representatives from the Canada West Ski Areas Association; Technical Safety BC; Alberta Elevating Devices and Amusement Rides Safety Association; the Alberta Safety Codes Council and Selkirk College have prepared this course specifically for those working with and experienced in the operation and maintenance of Passenger Ropeways and Passenger Conveyors.

Lift 153: Z98-19 for Aerial Detachable Grip Passenger Ropeways.

This course looks at the Development of the Z98 Standard and studies maintenance and operational requirements found in Clauses 4, 6, 11, 12, 13 and Annexes A through L. Lift 153 delves further into the regulations to include requirements that apply to both fixed and detachable grip passenger ropeways and those that apply to detachable grip ropeways only.

Course content is specific to Z98-19 requirements only and does not address licensing and safety requirements of safety authorities in Provincial jurisdictions.